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(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))

CARnHAL Dance Class Videos

May 2018
Dance Class Video

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Photos and Videos: Courtesy of Bravo Dance Studio Camera
(Unless otherwise specified.)

Articles by AHSA staff:

Dr. Hwa A. Lim, The Brain on Dance, 2017.
Angela Sun, Carmelita Chao, and Dr. Hwa A. Lim, Robot and Human Dancing, 2017.
Carmelita Chao, Dreativity, 2017.

Shadow break;
Shadow turn;

Bravo Dance Studio
(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))
(May 19, 2018)

(Video: Courtesy of Bravo Cellphone)

Crossbody Lead Variations:
Basic crossbody lead;
Crossbody lead with inside turn;
4-count outside turn to hammerlock;
Shadow crossbody lead (shadow turn);
Wrist/arm snap crossbody lead;
Crossbody lead.

Bravo Dance Studio
(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))
(May 12, 2018)

(Video: Courtesy of Bravo Cellphone)

New York to Vegas:
Release to New York;
New York to blind with hand change;
Blind bridge to Vegas kick;
Return to closed.

Bravo Dance Studio
(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))
(May 5, 2018)

(Video: Courtesy of Bravo Cellphone)

CARnHAL at "UNESCO CID World Dance Day 2018: When Dreativity meets dream angels".
Dancing to theme song "Singularity" [with permission from Leehom].
Videos: Courtesy of WDD2018 Archive.
(April 29, 2018)

CARnHAL at "To World We Dance with Love".
Videos: Courtesy of Kae Y.
(October 21, 2017)

CARnHAL at Dora Stratou Theatre, Athens, GREECE.
Videos: Courtesy of a new friend.
(July 5, 2017)

CARnHAL performing @ "Creativity Seed Plan", a fundraising event.
(May 6, 2017)

CARnHAL performing @ Lunar New Year of the Horse.
(January 25, 2014)

CARnHAL performing @ CPAA Arts Center.
(April 20, 2010)

CARnHAL performing @ Lunar New Year of the Ox.
(January 31, 2009)

CARnHAL performing @ Premier Ringing in the New Year.
(December 31, 2009)

CARnHAL performing @ CPAA Arts Center.
(July 12, 2008)

A sample of video clips of CARnHAL's performances.
Videos: Courtesy of various sources.

Coaches: Carmelita Chao (趙慧娟) and Dr. Hwa A. Lim (林華安博士)

Carmelita Chao (趙慧娟).

Bravo Dance Studio
(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))
(July 13, 2013)

Dr. Hwa A. Lim (林華安博士).

Bravo Dance Studio
(尊爵舞蹈藝術學苑 (尊爵舞池))
(May 19, 2012)

CAR n HAL are world champions:
(2007, New Orleans, Louisiana);
(2008, Miami, Florida);
(2009, San Jose, California)
(2010, Miami, Florida);
Pro-rising Star, (2011, Orlando, Florida).
More than 150 first places in Pro-ams with students
in major (SF Open, Grand Pacific,...) and smaller competitions.
(Latin, Smooth and Swing)

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Learn from Bravo Dance Studio:
Frank Regan, American Versus International
Dance Terminologies
American versus International Styles
Descriptions of Different Dances
Hwa A. Lim, "Dance for Life", European Papers on the New Welfare, No. 17, 2011.
Hwa A. Lim, "21st UNESCO CID General Assembly Banquet Speech" , Palace de l'UNESCO, Paris, France, December 21, 2015.

Videos: Courtesy of Hal & Master Studio

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